This is my home for personal projects

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This is my personal web site where I mostly just make notes to myself
You are free to use them but must accept any errors as they are offered "as is".

They are bits and pieces of various PCC classes that I have taught or taken
or just personal projects like the clocks and toy train stuff.

  • Cis-218 Asterisk VOIP class HERE
  • Using a channel bank with Asterisk HERE
  • Cis-225 Linux class HERE
  • Cis-226 Advanced Linux class HERE
  • Additional Linux notes HERE
  • A few Windows notes HERE
  • To visit my XKE car site click HERE
  • American Flyer Train Stuff click HERE
  • Drive-In Theater Stuff click HERE, and HERE
  • Nixie Clock Project HERE
  • Tesla Powerwall and Model 3 HERE
  • TCEXAM (Restricted to registered students)