Cactus Drive-in Theatre Foundation

If you are interested in becoming a board member or supporting this project in any way, please reply to CDITF. We are especially interested in land owners, businesses, and individuals who who would like to contribute to this project either with funding or just volunteering to help us move forward.

These are a few photos grabbed off of the TV Newscasts from out first Event

A shot of the screen while showing an intermission trailer.

Me on the left making some final connections for the drive-in speakers.

Our pre-show screen display.

A shot of one of the intermission snack bar films.

Farther back showing more of the vehicles..

And even farther back. We had about 600 cars show up.

Before the feature started. We were using a building for the screen.

Some more of the crowd before the movie started..

We had 8 sets of old drive-in speakers on stands for those in chairs.

We broadcast the audio in FM stereo for those in vehicles.