First look at our new car

July 28, 2018 They just drove it into delivery area and are making final checks.

The paper on the dash.

Signing our life away.... Took about 5 minutes.

A friend took a picture of us in front of the car.

The interior, that box contains a model replica of the car.

Setting up phone app to control and drive the car.

December 21, 2019, A new Christmas present, a 2020 very red Model 3. The blue one is my wifes, the red one is mine. Note the solar panels on the roof of the house. We also have a Powerwall battery system.

We had a dedicated Tesla Wall Connector installed to make charging the cars faster and easier. While they can be charged from any electrical outlet, this allows us to sharge without getting out the included charge cables and is always available.

The trip home from Tempe on July 2018 was a baptism under fire. First we hit a blowing dust storm on I-10 that nearly blocked out all vision, then a few miles later we ran into a deluge of a rainstorm that had people pulling off of the freeway.

We did safely get home without incident . The car performed flawlessly and the next day we spent exploring all of the settings and features.

We decided to check out a local Tesla Supercharger and much to our pleasure, there was an identical Model 3 there. Normally we charge at home on Sundays when the solar provides about 90% of the electricity. Our cost to charge from 90 miles to 315 miles was $6.48 and took about a half hour. We ate lunch at the local Subway and by the time we were done, the car was fully charged.