Tesla Powerwall Installation

I couldn't resist taking a photo of the box. the Powerwall came in.

Photo of the two Tesla employees installing the system.

Another photo of them.

This is the actual Powerwall battery backup.

Roger running the diagnostics on the system.

Another photo of the completed Powerwall.

View of solar panels on North of roof.

View of solar panels on South of roof.

View of solar panels on West of roof. Solar system is about 9.1 KWH.

Overall view of the whole electrical panel setup.

From right to left, inverter for solar panels, disconnect switch for solar panels with meter to show generated power, main 200 amp breaker box, utility company
supply meter, disconnect for Powerwall, gateway for Powerwall, and sub panel which now has 12 circuits in it that are backed up by the Powerwall.

Stand alone 12 volt solar to run low voltage landscape lighting. It charges a 12 volt battery and controls on and off of landscape lights..

Domestic hot water panel, installed about 15 years ago. It provides most of our hot water heating needs.