Powder coating drive-in speakers.

This is an old RCA drive-in speaker that I bead blasted to clean metal then washed in laquer thinner. More speaker restoration info HERE

I then powder coated the shells in a two toned color scheme similar to what you could originally get from the factory in baked enamel.

The powder came from Columbia Coatings. They stock many different colors and types of powder at very reasonable prices. I had to special order several of the colors as my local powder coating facility did not have them.

To powder coat, you need for the item to be spotless and free of any oil or grease.

If there are minor pits or small holes, you can fill them with JB-Weld as it is good to 500 degrees F so the 385 degree F curing temperature will not melt it.

The commercial oven that my local company uses is about ten feet wide, eight feed high, and about 20 feet long. They typically do things for hot-rodders and commercial manufacturing companies.

Any spilled powder sweeps up easily as it will only stick to the charged metal item being coated.

This is a Reed hanger box done in the same color combination.

I reproduced a few of the plastic lenses as used in the Reed and Koropp round junction boxes. I had a good original to make a mold from and use the plastic casting method to make new ones. The mold eventually tore so I can't make any more.

This is the grey set mounted on a pole wih matching junction box.

I had a few speakers and baskets powder coated.

This is a red set with a later style RCA-Circlite juntion box mounted on a pole. It is done up in a "4th of July" theme. Note the red lens.
This is an original 60 year old RCA set, also done up in a reversed "4th of July" theme. The long style RCA juncrion boxes did not have a separate lens although they often were illuminated inside to shine on the pole and ground.

Backyard Drive-in Theater